Einträge von Hermann Kurz

Genetic engineering against hunger

15.8.2013 In a press conference of Deutschlandfunk with the Bundesverband Deutscher Pflanzenzüchter e.V. on genetic engineering against the hunger in the world, Prof. von Witzke and other scientists discussed how plant breeding could support both the economy and the environment and at the same time solve the world food problem. Get the complete press conference here.

Interview of Dr. Steffen Noleppa for Pflanzenforschung.de on German plant breeding

5.9.2013 The editorial department of Pflanzenforschung.de has recently conducted an interview with Dr. Steffen Noleppa, member of the HFFA Executive Committee, on the contribution of German plant breeding and the support it needs. The interview covers topics like price rises in agriculture, breeding progress vs. increasing needs of food, intellectual property rights in agriculture, German breeding research […]

The social, economic and environmental value of agricultural productivity in the EU

4.11.2013 The authors of the study discuss impacts of agricultural productivity on markets and food security, rural income and employment, resource use, climate protection, and biodiversity. They conclude that productive agriculture in the EU is a key contributor to world food security and clearly demonstrate: Productivity matters! Download this new HFFA Working Paper

HFFA 6th Annual Meeting

23.1.2014 The HFFA 6th Annual Meeting titled „Innovations in the Food Chain“ took place in Berlin from 15 to 16 January 2014 and united more than 30 experts and scientists from agro-industry, society, research and international organizations from Europe and North America. Their discussions focussed on questions of risk assessment, perception, communication and acceptance.         The […]

HFFA Research GmbH founded

5.9.2014 In September HFFA Research GmbH was founded as a 100 percent subsidiary of the Humboldt Forum for Food and Agriculture e.V. HFFA Research GmbH will conduct scientific analyses, studies, expertise and publications on key issues of world agriculture. Find further information on HFFA Research GmbH at www.hffa-research.com

The value of Neonicotinoid seed treatment in the European Union

9.1.2013 The first 2013 HFFA Working Paper investigates the socio-economic and environmental contribution of NNi to the European Union and the catalysing role it plays in modern agriculture. In addition, the study reveals the impact to the various stakeholders if this technology was no longer available. Download this Working Paper